Saturday, January 11, 2014


A lot has happened since my last post. THREE YEARS AGO.

I'm sure I'll miss a ton of important things, but here's some that come to mind:
*We bought our first house!
*Kodi and I went on an awesome vacation to celebrate 6 years of marriage, including: hanging out in Florida. Participating in our first time share 'event'. Going on a cruise to the Bahamas. Visiting my Grandad & Nana in South Carolina. Visiting more of my relatives & Kodi's relatives in the Virginia/West Virginia/Maryland/D.C. area. & going through another miscarriage.
*Major marriage strengthening events
*got pregnant again, by *surprise*
*Had our 3rd, & possibly last baby, Sophia
*Experienced major mental health ups and downs
*Discovered a love for REAL food
*Went on a family vacation including: visiting relatives in West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, & Maryland. Dock dogs. Kings Dominion. July 4th fireworks at the Washington Monument. D.C. Zoo on July 4th.
*BBQs with friends
*BBQs with family
*Made new friends
*Reconnected with long time friends
*Adopted 3 dogs
*gave 2 of the 3 dogs new homes with other families
*Celebrated lots of holidays and birthdays
*Kennedy started kindergarten
*Kennedy started 1st grade
*Amelie started preschool
*Kodi took a break from school
*Kodi changed majors
*Kodi started school again
*Kodi was promoted at work

I'm hoping to do at least a small post about each of these things that's happened over the past 3 years. Let's hope I'm successful in this goal. Hopefully I can also update the out of date photos/theme on this blog soon.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Kennedy Dream

Me: Did you sleep well?
Kennedy: Ya, but in my dreams there was a lot of animals
Me: Animals are fun!
Kennedy: Grandpa was the lion... and there was a monkey

(so random! she cracks me up every morning telling me about the dreams she had)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good dreams?

This morning...
Kennedy: Mommy I dreamed about babies last night
Me: Was it a good dream?
Kennedy: Ya. And guess what the babies were doing?
Me: What?
Kennedy: They were farting at me (giggle, giggle)
Me: That sure is interesting
Kennedy: AND they were spraying diapers at me!

I'm not sure that would be considered a 'good' dream for me.. haha
Oh, the life and imagination of Kennedy... She keeps us laughing, that's for sure

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amelie WALKING 10-10-10

Amelie has been taking little steps here and there for about a week now. I FINALLY caught her on video! YAY! 
Yes, there are quite a few videos of Amelie walking in this post. I uploaded so many for Kodi's benefit - He's out of town right now. And of course that's when Amelie would decide to start walking. The last one is the longest of her walking, but each one has a little bit of Amelie-ness in it that is so freaking adorable!

She totally recovers, from almost falling on this one. SO big

Just making some noise!

She has the cutest laugh at 00:14

I thought her fall here was pretty funny. Talk about 'graceful' haha

The GRAND finale!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Umbrella Beauty

Very rarely am I proud of something I've created.
This photo (& more importantly the subject in this photo) are some exceptions
 Isn't Kennedy such a doll? It was her idea to carry her umbrella while we walked from a parking garage  to 'Star of India' to eat dinner tonight.

 I took this photo with my cell phone.
I dream frequently about what I could create with a Canon Dslr

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Giggles, Cuts, & Dancing, oh my!

17 June 2010
With some of Kennedy's Birthday money, she bought a 'Dora The Explorer' fold away tent. It's a perfect little hideaway for her to pretend in & it folds up flat for easy/small storage.
On Thursday, Amelie joined in the tent fun. Amelie absolutely ADORES Kennedy & can't wait to be big enough to run around & play like a big girl with her big sister.

I took Kennedy for a long bike ride later in the day. I experienced some lovely cuts & chunks taken out of my skin, thanks to an invisible rope near some construction on our bike ride [gotta love construction..EVERYWHERE in the valley it seems]

Colin also experienced a beating from the very same rope while riding his bike on the same day within an hour or so of when I did. Can you say 'idiot construction worker that didn't think that planning through very well!' ?
It was kind of funny though when Colin & I realized that we had both gotten attacked by the same rope while riding our bikes separately. Comparing our battle wounds:
this is what my left arm looks like today (2 days later,19 June 2010)

My sister, Rachael's little girl, Jordi had a dance performance that night:
(Jordi is in the front, farthest to the left, with the tan skirt and purple tank top)
Receiving her Certificate of Excellence:
Rachael's adorable Zaven:
Amelie chewing Domanik's face off. She sometimes gives other people 'kisses' & 'loves' by sucking on their face a little, but only Domanik ever gets such intense 'loves' from Amelie. It's hilarious. Whenever she sees him she gets all excited & leans for him til she can suck & chew on his face.
My gorgeous sista pullin a cheeser:
Jordi coming to say hi to all of us that watched her perform:
glued to each other all the time
They really didn't want to have to say goodbye when we were leaving. Jordi was spinning Kennedy around. How cute is that!?:
check back for videos of Jordi's performance.. as soon as I can figure out where the video uploader on here went...?

Rewind to 5-8 June 2010

Fact: I'm not much of a 'blogger'. I've never really been good with words in any form, speaking or otherwise. I pretty much just use this blog to share photos, with a touch of comments. So, here's some more photos...
5 June 2010
Every June, we get together with Kodi's Stepdad's family to have a yummy breakfast & hang out. This year we enjoyed Eggs, pancakes, sausage, tons of delicious fruit & fruit dip, donuts, orange juice & milk. Can you say YUM!? After breakfast everyone hung out and chatted and the kids played and enjoyed being outside on such a pretty, sunny day. I didn't get a chance to take many pics, but I did get a couple cute ones of Angelita & Kennedy together playing with bubbles:

6 June 2010
I hadn't been able to go swimming when we went to Kodi's cousin's little boy Braxton's Birthday pool party because I didn't have a swimming suit that fit. I had a worn out old suit that had seen better days & was very loose & unattractive [NOT gonna happen!] and my maternity suit (no explanation necessary). Then, the day after the party, while cleaning & de-junking, I found a suit I bought last spring in celebration of (FINALLY) losing all my baby weight. I never got a chance to wear it on account of gaining 50+ lbs being pregnant with Amelie. I didn't think there was any way it was going to fit. To my surprise, it fit just right (all but the cups being a little small for my Breastfeeding boobs ;) 
I had to, of course, immediately take the girls swimming at our pool:

Nice hair, Kennedy!

8 June 2010
My mom had been reading Kennedy stories before bed.. Kodi (while laughing) brought this to my attention:
I'd say they were both a little tired, wouldn't you?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

phone pics 11-16 June 2010

Today -16 June 2010
I have been taking Kennedy for bike rides on my bike with the child bike seat I bought last summer (which was super cheap off of craigslist.. BRAND NEW!! woohoo). Amelie wanted to take a test ride. How cute is that helmet on her?!? I just went up and down the sidewalk by our apartment building once & she seemed to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, she's still too young to go for a real ride in the bike seat, but next summer we'll have a blast =)
This afternoon we played at Nana's apartment with her awesome Hot Wheels car track

Yesterday we let Kennedy pick out a kiddie swimming pool with some of her Birthday money. She picked out a small princess pool (that fits just right on our deck =)
Amelie REALLY wanted to join her in the pool.. Maybe next time.. but she still had fun trying to throw the Curious George bath toy in the pool
Kennedy LOVES her new pool
I told her to smile...
yesterday -15 June 2010
I thought these clouds looked kind of neat with the light shining on them
Groupon had a deal going for 'Top It Frozen Yogurt'. I couldn't resist indulging in that yummy deal. It's a pretty cute little shop near Cottonwood. You fill your own cup with the flavor(s) of frozen yogurt you want & add your own toppings & then it is weighed and costs 38 cents an oz. They have quite the selection of yogurt & toppings, including mango, vanilla, peach, cookies n cream, & chocolate frozen yogurt, to name a few. Fresh kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, cookie dough, snickers, and brownie bites are just a few of the many toppings.Yum! It's normally a little pricey, but with my sweet Groupon it was perfectly priced for me.
Enjoying the yumminess

looks funky, but oh my, it was delicious!
melted cookies n cream frozen yogurt with cookie dough & reese's pieces resembles sewage?
some of the cute decorations on the walls

14 June 2010
Kennedy made her silly putty into an ice cream cone. It looked amazingly close to a delicious swirled ice cream come.
This is what my counter looks like on a not so good day for me. When I'm down, I bake...
Banana bread, white bread, rolls, & (not pictured) homemade pizza.
12 June 2010
My sister's little guy Zaven turned 1 on Saturday & she had a little party for him. Kodi & Amelie were not feeling very well.. They took a little snooze on the futon in Zaven's bedroom.
Zaven really enjoyed his cute little cake

Friday -11 June 2010
I'm absolutely in love with Indian food the past couple months. I've found a couple great little restaurants in the valley. I happened to find a GREAT discount for a little Indian place last Friday...
MMM.. my mouth is salivating. I want more. right now.
earlier in the day Kennedy & Amelie were having fun playing this little baby computer game I bought at the library.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


my fun new hobby

Dr. Bates - Ep. 06: Image Reformation

Check out this video! I was laughing out loud really hard while watching it. Enjoy =)